3rd Transforming Landscapes for a Sustainable Future Conference

You are invited participate in Pelican Island Audubon’s forthcoming conference on “Transforming Landscapes for a Sustainable Future,” on Saturday, January 25, 2020 at the Emerson Center, 1590 27th Ave, in Vero Beach.  Our conference is an opportunity to learn how to landscape in a way that is sustainable, cost-effective and helps enhance our quality of life.

The rate of development in the Indian River Lagoon region has reached pre-recession levels, and now is the time to discuss transforming landscapes so that our residentially and commercially developed lands are part of the solution to a healthy environment, not a detriment.

Our Society realizes the enormous undertaking required to change course. However, the health of the Indian River Lagoon (being heavily polluted by yard fertilizer and pesticide runoff) makes it clear that time is not on our side.  We must ALL act now or potentially lose what has made our region so attractive to people and businesses.

The goal of the conference is to showcase the need to reverse course on how communities, developments and individual private homes develop their outdoor landscapes.  While the decline of the Indian River Lagoon has been attributed mainly to Lake Okeechobee discharges and septic-system pollutants, use of non-native plantings that require fertilizing and pesticides have also contributed. Smart landscaping can play a vital role in protecting water quality and providing habitats for plants and animals.


By 2003, from 95 to 97 percent of all land in the lower 48 states has been modified by humans, leading to loss of habitat for plants and animals.  As a result, during our lifetimes, there has been a dramatic decline in the health of the ecosystems that sustain ourselves and our economy. We can help change that decline by being part of the solution!

Please join us. Act now regarding this important topic. We invite you to participate and/or be a sponsor. Sponsorship opportunities are described below. This conference can be transformative for our community if we all come together to work on solutions for modifying landscapes for a sustainable future. At least, plan on attending and have individuals from your organization attend this important event.

Conference schedule coming soon!

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